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TOP is a professional electronic components distributor in China.

we offer one-stop solution service , from communication modules , antennas , PCB , PCBA , and all components for PCB Bom.

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Excellent product , good quality , competitive price , professional service , with 10 years cooperation , now we become good friends each other. —— Ronald-from Boilvia

China TOP Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. certification

China TOP Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. certification

4G 5G Module & Wireless Communication Module

Thank you for your time to know our company and lean our production. TOP Electronic Industry co., Ltd was established in 2006. After 10 years effort and development, now we have become one of the leading electronic ...
Founded in 2006, TOP Electronics Industry Co., LTD is dedicated to supply high quality PCB &PCBA services to customers all over the world. Our factory locates in Shen Zhen City, Guangdong Province, China which has a ...
Company quality policy: Quality first and the customer is highest, we provide dependable and satisfied product and the superior service for customer by professional technology and superior quality.all our production ...
Address : RM1441,GUO LI Bldg,ZhongHang RD.,Futian Dist.Shen Zhen,China
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86--13723770752(Nonworking time)
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